Sunday, July 29, 2007

Air Guitars and Rubber Boots

Ok, Finland probably has the weirdest competitions with wife carrying, pea eating and mobile pone throwing but this month Germany had some fun to offer too: Berlin hosted the German Air Guitar Championships - always a great event! Just today - despite horrid weather - splash divers competed in Hamburg in the Cannonball World Championships (kind of a masochistic event for those who dig sore butts), and again in Berlin folks with nothing else to do also gathered in Berlin for the Rubber Boot Throwing World Championships. Which brings me back to Finland coz a 70 year old Finnish guy won in the Mens Seniors category and a Finnish woman in the Ladies Seniors. Probably beats sitting in an old peoples home watching TV all day...
Maybe the gay community should think up some new exciting competitions... Gay Games and Eurogames are fine, but how about some fun championships like Dildo Throwing World Cup, Gaydar Contest, Outing Marathon etc etc?! Start practicing boys and babez, I'm sure it's soon to come...

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Friday, June 15, 2007

L Pulp - Bad Lesbians in Bad Stories

Inspired by the many emails I received thanking me for the Queer Music Heritage post, I have decided to post some of the interesting gay/lesbian links I have collected over the years. One of my favorite sites is the Lesbian Pulp site. It's amazing how many cheap little pulp fiction mags were published that portrayed the lesbian way as a sleazy mainly sex-driven lifestyle - outlawed but somehow with an irresistible attraction to the forbidden. I love the illustrations and especially the subtitles. There are actually quite a few sites featuring the lesbian pulp paperbacks, I like Strange Sisters best, check it out here. Surf-lazy? O.K., here's a quick preview of the best L Pulp covers:

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

gay and lesbian music

I've been blog lazy - due to work and the great weather in Berlin - so much has been going on in our city and Ill be sure to write again in the next weeks: gay/lez street fetival is coming up as well as gay pride.
but today just a link for you: as a musician I really appreciate the Queer Music Heritage website. This guy has put a lot of work and probably years of research into this site! Preserving gay and lesbian history just becoz it has to be done and out of passion and personal beliefs has become rare in these fast paced kudos to JD Doyle, and to say it in slightly modified ABBA words: thank you for the queer music JD!!
Be sure to check out this mp3: Here come the leaping Lesbians! Today it might seem hilarious, but back then in 77 any lez song was a revolution. I heard the Lesbian Concentrate LP for the first time in the early 80s - and although I was ecstatic about an all lesbian record, I was a bit confused about the song title Leaping Lesbians... frogs leap, bunnies leap. and as a young dyke I did a lot of unusual things...but leap? So, funny then and funnier now - and at least another L-word alliteration for the record.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

How women open beer bottles

I've always admired the gals who can open German beer bottles with a cigarette lighter (contrary to US beer German beer bottles have a tight crown cap that can't be screwed or popped off )... I've tried but only ended up with a sore hand and a broken lighter. Now watch the woman in this ad... this is definitely the ultimate bottle opener.... I'll start practicing tomorrow, but probably end up with a very sore belly button!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Talking Cats

Being the owner - no my mistake - I mean: being the tolerated can opener and fur stroker of a wonderful cat, I always love funny cat videos. This one is hilarious and encouraged me to try to teach my cat to say "I love you"! Of course she is far too clever and too much of a diva to even attempt to do anything I ask her to do, so I've finally given up and spend my time watching other peoples' felines chatting away instead. Enjoy!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Personal Ads - The Truth

I found a site that finally explains what all the terms used in personal ads really mean - watch out girls, meeting someone after a few drinks in a bar might be the better alternative after all!
Some examples:
Adventurer.....Has had more partners than you ever will

§ Emotionally secure....... Medicated
§ Fun........................... Annoying & Talks A Lot
Gentle ..................... Comatose

Good listener ........... Borderline autistic

Open-minded ............. Desperate

Outgoing.................... Loud

Romantic.................. Looks better by candlelight

§ Wants soulmate..........One step away from stalking

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bears come and bears go

The eternal circle of life in animal kingdom at the Berlin Zoo:
icebear Knut, everbody's favorite animal at the moment, was born and another favorite of the Berliners panda bear Yan Yan suddenly died shortly after. Yan Yan (22 yrs old) was here for 11 years –meant to be the mate of male panda Bao Bao, but actually they had no interest in each other and lived quite separately all the time. now Bao Bao is the only panda bear left in Germany!
Folks here and even around the world are Knut-crazy (me too, he is soooo cute and cuddly!!), and visitors line up for hours just to get a glimpse of him. If you can't come you can see the pics and videos at the Knut blog. But as Knut dominates the national news and magazines and TV shows let's take the time to say bye-bye to Yan Yan. Brought all the way to Berlin with the sole purpose to make Panda babies - or at least one! - she obviously just didn't give a damn but led her lazy Zoo life as an independent Panda lady, more interested in snoozing, eating and watching the strange humans than in the joys of motherhood. Here's a picture I took of her last Spring
Seeing that, I'm sure she will rest in Peace!

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

German weather gone funny

We've had sleet and snow to start off Spring here in Berlin...but now finally the sun came out and as usual the Berliners populated all the street cafés and changed from bad mood mode to happy cosmopolitan mode. Just found one of my favorite blooper videos. Popular German weather lady Maxi Biber (pronounced beeber, means beaver!) had a giggle attack while on air... you don't have to understand what she says, except for between laughing and temperatures and sunny spells she manages to say "I'm sorry" about 5 times...

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Drag-Trash de Luxe

Berlin subculture at its best: I recently had a great crazy evening at one of the cities most cool clubs White Trash - my friends from the SqueezeBOX band had invited me to a concert. PMS, the late hour (after midnight) and the freezing temperatures outside almost made me stay at home, but my GF managed to drag me outside, stating that I was about to become a lazy old couch potato, and I'm glad she did! The first act were the Teaserettes - Germany's first burlesque go-go dancers. Their show is incredible, a wonderful blend of dance, art, comedy and sex - and they had the crowd excited and cheering within minutes. The crowd being a colorful mix of gays, dykes, girlies, business men in suits, stylish women with expensive handbags, students who still go grunge style and some scene VIPs - anything goes at the White Trash.
So now finally: the SqueezeBOX band (Berlin edition!).
I guess they are one of the most unusual bands around. Jutta, Mr Wonke and Andrea are the cool dykes on guitar, drums and bass. Then a slim new-wavy kind of guy on the other guitar (sorry, I forgot your name, but you're extremely cool nonetheless!). And finally the leading ladies Gloria Viagra & Sherry Vine (who flew in from New York). Imagine two drag queens (with the most amazing long legs!) rocking the house with their wild repertoire from Pink to ACDC ... they are charming and rude at the same time, need a drink after every song and are sometimes so out of tune, but that really doesn't matter - it's all party party party and even gets the expensive handbags and business suits jumping up and down and screaming the lyrics.
Oh and check out Gloria's website - she has the cutest flash intro I've ever seen.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Butcherette

I just came across a photo I took last summer:

Even if you don't know what a Carniceria could be, Señora Mari Carmen's sign helps you figure it out. The sign actually caught my eye as it is very unusual in Spain (and I guess in other countries too) for a woman to own a butchery. However, when I went in and saw this very large older lady with very strong arms and very big hands chopping steaks with a ferocious expression, I knew she was born to be a butcher!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lily Tomlin 's L-Words

I love to browse through famous people quotes! It's great when you are in need of a profound piece of wisdom and your own words just sound profane, shallowbrained or simply like they were written by a 6 year old.... I usually resort to poets or classical writers (for the intellectual touch), sometimes to actresses ( the cool women category) and rarely popstars (when in need of intended profanity with a kick.)
Some of my favourite quotes in the category funny and wise at the same time are by Lily Tomlin, and as I just rediscovered a Lily quote collection I had bookmarked, I have the urge to share them.
So here are some of Lily's L-Words (L as in life, laugh, looney, lily-speak):
- Why is it that when we talk to God we're said to be praying, but when God talks to us we're schizophrenic?
- Sometimes I worry about being a success in a mediocre world.
- The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat.
- Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it.

- I've always wanted to be somebody, but I see now I should have been more specific.

- If you read a lot of books you are considered well read. But if you watch a lot of TV, you're not considered well viewed.
- Why isn't there a special name for the tops of your feet?
- Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Beware of the Lesbian Callgirl Clones

Recently a friend visiting from London asked me if there were a lesbian escort service in Berlin. I remembered that many years ago the fabulous Dr. Laura Merrit (Germany's answer to Susie Bright!) founded "Club Rosa" (Club Pink), the first callgirl service by and for lesbians, however I had no idea if they were still around. Out of curiosity and as I always love to help a girl in need I set off for Google-Land to find the answer. First the good news for all you lonesome business women coming to town needing some sensual distraction after a hard day's work: Laura's escort service is still available. It took me a while to find it though - try typing "lesbian escort service berlin" in Google and you will see what I mean, over 200,000 sex and escort sites that surely don't offer what my friend was looking for. Narrowing my search down to German websites only reduced the results to some 20,000 and fortunately the right link was on page one. However, I knew what I was looking for ... I can sense the frustration of a randy lesbian surfing for salvation and ending up on escort sites like this one I found: it's called Berlin XP and offers men, women, gay boys and apparently lesbians. Clicking on the "Our Lesbians" button reveals 24 alleged lez escorts from around the world - but beware: if you look closely you will notice that they kind of look alike... in lack of dykes wanting to work as callgirls they have obviously created clones of a busty blonde lingerie model and given them different names and nationalities:

My advice ladies: even if you love femmes and you're desperate: don't fall for the clones - my untarnished gaydar tells me they know zilch about the joys of true all-girl-action! You can get the real thing by contacting Laura, just send her a mail. You could of course just go to a club or party and chat up the attractive girl next to you at the bar, might be the beginning of a passionate long-distance relationship - it has happened before!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oranges aren't the Only Fruit

Today in the supermarket I saw a woman at the fruit shelves picking up oranges one by one and softly squeezing them before placing them into her basket. She did this very slowly and obviously enjoyed the feeling! Watching her fruity pleasure reminded me of an Israeli TV ad from 1998 by Citrusfruit company Tapuz. It was quite challenging at the time - not only because of the apparant though subtle lesbian erotica but also because it confronts the orthodox morals. A modern Israeli woman dares to drive into a religious neighbourhood with a sleeveless shirt and pants, flirting with an orthodox woman while peeling an orange - in her mind obviously not only undressing the fruit.
One of my fav books is Oranges aren't the Only Fruit, but watching this ad you'll see oranges can be a very sexy fruit!

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas everybody and happy holidays -
whoever you believe in or whatever higher power guides you through your life, be sure you take the time to show your loved ones you care, dont forget those who are less fortunate and dont forget to be good to yourself - a new year is coming up and there is so much to wish for in this crazy world. Wherever you may be: I wish you well and I do believe: love rules.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Light Craze

In a previous post I suggested you visit the Potsdamer Platz to get into the Berlin Christmas feeling...unfortunately I didn't take my camera when I went there the other day, but you have to see the magnificent lights in the shopping mall - and fortunately someone else with more time and a better camera has been paid to put some photos online.

Click here to see more.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Scared of Santa

One of my favourite sites at this time of the year is the Scared of Santa Photo Gallery
It proves that from a kid's point of view that fat old man, the total stranger who apparantly knows if you've been good or bad is a frightening figure! I remember sitting on his lap for the first (and last) time in some department store... he smelt really bad (deoderants failed in those days when you were wearing a thick padded red suit) and had a terrifying deep voice, I was scared to death! My mother then decided to destroy the myth and told me the whole truth about who really brought my presents. I was so happy that it was Mummy and that the horrid fat man wouldn't be invading our house. I still wondered for many years though how my mother managed to get down our chimney....

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Bitch is Back

After a long blogging break I've returned. Sometimes a gal just needs a break. And a wise person once said: don’t speak, unless you can improve the silence. Not that I live by that, but still a great quote. Berlin, experiencing the warmest November/December since weather reports were invented, is none the less all Christmas-craze. Beautiful lights everywhere, millions of stressed people shopping for presents, every German popstar has released a tacky Xmas album and for some reason most of my friends have invited me for a pre-Xmas party - all on the same day! So I'll be Christmas party hopping and drinking lots of Gluehwein... a hot red wine with various spices that usually gives you a terrible headache the next day. If you want the xtreme Berlin Xmas experience I suggest the following: go shopping at the Potsdamer Platz. After an hour of shoving and pushing in the shops have a break at one of the stands outside at the Christmas market and drink 2 or 3 Gluehweins. Then climb up the artificial snow mountain and race down the hill on a sled or rather the rubber tire they stick you in that spins around all the way down. If you manage that without throwing up you're definitely ready for a Berlin Christmas party with more Gluehwein and singalongs with Wham's "Last Christmas".

The snow hill at the Potsdamer Platz

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Lesbian Google

I'm being swamped by lesbian news! I subscribed to Google news alerts for news containing the subject "lesbian" - its amazing! Here just a few headlines from the news alerts I've been sent:

Surrey school board settles with lesbian mothers
Lesbian mums win fight for more respect

Lipstick Lesbian Take Over!
Marketplace finds lesbians an attractive, but elusive, niche

Angelina Jolie and her former lesbian lover visited dominatrix

I've received 25 news in only 2 days! I also checked out German Google News for the Word "Lesben" and even that produced 187 headlines for the last two weeks. "Schwul" (German for gay) produced 319 news and "homosexuell" another 56...

Welcome to the L-News - we've been discovered by the media and unlike (not so) many years ago, it's not all about scandals, murder and deviated sex in the closet anymore. I remember when I was a kid in the 70s the first thing I ever read about dykes in a newspaper was a series in the German yellow press newspaper "Bild" called "The crimes of the lesbian women"... It was horrorfying, but obviously it didn't keep me away from the girls!


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Not so Gay in Ghana

Ghana bans gay and lesbian conference.... While we're watching the L-Word and being our free lesbian selves, millions of GLTBs in many countries still have to hide and are being oppressed to say the least. Homophobia is obviously widespread on the African continent, or as a South African lesbian puts it: "It's kind of the spirit of the times in Africa". I actually know a dyke from an influential family in Ghana, in fact she is a Princess, and it took many many years for her family to accept her lifestyle - but eventually they did, so there's hope that the "spirit of the times" will change one day. I wish the gays and lesbians in those African countries that promote homophobia, a lot of strength, courage and worldwide support - after all the African saying (from Zaire) is so true: Tsa ifotekya loolo - FIRE can soften iron.
For more infos on GLBT Africa check out the Behind the Mask Website.

Photo: Camouflage (©) by South African photographer and gender & sexual rights activist Zanele Muholi.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stonewall Goodbye?

I just read in UK's pink news that the Stonewall Bar in New York is apparantly closing. Maybe unknown to many young gays and dykes this is one of the very few historic places we have and one of the most important ones! Actually it should be landmarked and preserved by the City of New York - or at least sponsered by the rich and famous GLBTs over 40... It might not be a trendy place folks, but if it weren't for this bar and the brave women and men back in 1969 we sure wouldn't live the life many of us are living today.

A photo I took two years ago - I hope it isn't the last.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Sisters are doing it for themselves?

I had mixed feelings when I read this BBC report about Bill Gates - he's called The American philanthropist in this article- stating that women are key to the AIDS policy. I'm sure Billy boy has the best intensions, but saying that "To change the sexual behaviour of men is a question of generations..." and that's why it's up to the women to once again take precautions and change the situation is really depressing. Of course one could say well, he recognizes the intelligence of women and their feeling of responsibilty. And of course it is a noble mission to spend millions on stopping AIDS - whatever way you do it. But if you just give up on changing male sexual behaviour and take the shortcut, making women use some formula/medication, having them take all the responsibilty, not knowing what side effects this might have in the long run (the pill and cancer comes to mind...) etc etc - it's just so typical and actually is an easy way out. Bravo Bill for doing good with all your Microsoft-money, but take a portion of your mucho bucks and start educating men. Oh and take another portion and start educating politicians on humanity - there is another reason why so many poeple in Africa are dying, and AIDS is not cause number 1 by the way. Neglect, ignorance and greed still prevail and that's something women are NOT key to.



Sunday, August 13, 2006

The fear of flying revisited

A friend of mine flew in from Dubai to Berlin today. Due to the terror hysteria she was not allowed to take her small suitcase as hand luggage as she usually does, so she had to check it in and with it her laptop battery other important things you need when travelling on business. Of course the luggage got lost - like it has apparently happened to 1000s of suitcases today. Sure we all want to fly safe but if they need to keep it 100 percent secure we would all have to fly naked. After 9/11 Lufthansa made me leave my tiny nail clippers behind... Sure I could clip the capatain's ears and force him to crash the plane! Puleeze... Well, now it's not clippers or forks anymore, but all your valuables... what person on a business trip would be so insane and check in their computer and mobile phone? An estimated 30 million pieces of baggage gets lost every year! And, while reading all about the airport chaos around the world today, I asked myself: what stops people who do mean harm from hiding explosives in their suitcase and then timing it to go off a few hours later? The airports don't even have the resources to scan every piece of baggage.
My friend had a bottle of water with her and actually had to take a sip in front of airport security. I'm sure a terrorist who intends to blow himself up on a plane wouldn't mind drinking whatever he has in that bottle, so what's the point? US and UK airlines of course don't allow you to take any drinks with you, but according to the Transportation Security Administration Website there is an exception: You are allowed to take "Baby formula and breast milk if a baby or small child is traveling;" Thank God for that - the idea of young mummys having to squeeze their breasts until all the breast milk is out is even too absurd for the Bush-Blair-Fear-Alliance. It wouldn't surprise me though if you would have to try the breast milk in front of security too.... after all Mum's milk could be some deadly formula hidden in a silicone boob.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Apple Lebanon Mel Gibson

These are the most popular search words of the day, so I decided to find out if it's true that adding popular words brings thousands of visitors to your blog.
Dear new visitor, I'm sorry but you are part of my experiment, and as you came in search of some information on either of the terms above I might add: I use an Apple Macintosh and have done so ever since the second one was on the market. I feel for all the innocent non-fighting people in the Lebanon who surely do not want war or violence but would really love to live a peaceful life and see their kids grow up happy and without fear. And Mr Mel Gibson already frightened the hell out of me with his horrible Jesus movie - which being a thought through project and probably not something he spat out while drunk is more disturbing. Finally a cool site to find interesting blogs with different views on the Middle East and from the Middle East is this Dubai blog.
If you weren't looking for a Mac but actually for an apple as in fruit check out All About Apples.
And finally, if you were looking up Mel Gibson - well why don't you go outside, get some fresh air, think of something wonderful, plant a tree, donate to a good cause or just hug somebody. That won't be a waste of time! Thank you for being part of my how-many-hits-will-I-get-experiment and have a lovely day...

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cool tool: your blog in color and shape

Just found an interesting site that creates a graphic image of your Website called Websites as Graphs
Try it out and if you put the image online please send me the link - I'm curious to see what other blogs look like. Here is my blog image - looks like the molecular structure of proteins with a touch of 70s art:

The meaning of the colors: blue:links-red:tables-green:DIV tag-purple:images-yellow: forms-orange: linebreaks and blockquotes-black:HTML tag,root node-gray: all other tags


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lesbians and Wannabe Lesbians in the News

Apart from some really sad news on hate crimes, couples having to fight for their marriage rights and bigotery in general, 2 news from Lesbiania caught my eye and made me smile:

"Eva Longoria thinks it would be great to introduce a lesbian storyline into Desperate Housewives.
Eva told Playboy magazine that she thought it would be fun if Nicollette Sheridan and Marcia Cross’s characters had an affair during the third series of the show - or she’d be happy for her character, Gabrielle to have an affair with Nicollette’s Edie instead."

Nice idea,they should all try it out and then in 2007 rename the series to "Desperate Lesbians"... a suburb version of the L-Word should be fun!

And back to the real life: San Diego’s new fire chief Tracy Jarman is openly lesbian. She says that she's not out to be a role model, but sorry sister: this is such a satisfaction for all the dykes who said: "I wanna join the fire brigade" when they were kids and whose moms shook their heads and told them that that was impossible and only for boys (and then called the family shrink to ask what they should do with their difficult daughter!)

Come on baby light our fire!

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Beauty of Small Things

Just returned from Southern Spain and could fill pages with the colorful photos I took.
You can see 3 colorful reasons why I've gained mucho pounds on my holiday at my
  • German blog
  • But here I want to post one of my favoutite pictures. I saw this house in Malaga. It was right in the middle of a really ugly and big construction site and I suppose it's the next house to be torn down. The inhabitants obviously care about their house and have decorated their balconies with flowers, silently protesting the destruction surrounding them. It was a beautiful sight on a very hot day - as it was siesta time the streets were totally empty and kind of made the place seem like a movie set for an Almodovar film.


    Friday, June 30, 2006

    Still Football Crazy in Berlin

    The streets in Berlin were almost empty as the German team played against Argentina in the WC quarter finals today. It seems like now everyone is hooked on the championship by now. When Germany won after a very exciting match with overtime and penalty shoot outs the streets came alive again, fireworks went off and convoys of fans in cars honking their horns and wavin flags were suddenly everywhere. I have always have found it kind of weird that people love to run out of their homes and jump into their cars to celebrate a victory! But there are other ways to do it: below -
    - German chancellor Angela -Angie - Merkel: the distinguished way of really hitting it off but not allowed to show too much down to earth enthusiasm. At least the match triggers a kind of smile in her usually hound-dog-serious face.
    - The team: in lack of cars and honking horns they run around the field like lost rabbits, hugging each other and waving their shirts - after over 2 hours of chasing the ball it's amazing they can still walk anyway.
    - Soccer moms and friends at my place: cheering and having a ball (what a pun!). The ultimate proof that football somehow makes you unashamed and lets you forget that you are usually a cool stylish person: nothing else can explain why intelligent women would sit around wearing silly cardboard crowns in the colors of the german flag!!! And now I'm putting this embarrassing moment online- my friends will just love me for it!

    Football's truely coming home...sigh!

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    Thursday, June 29, 2006

    Condy might be mad but not stupid

    Not long ago someone tried to spread the rumour that Condy is gay. Now Ms. Condoleezza-I-almost-was-a-lesbian-Rice is accused of having an affair with da Boss Bush.... paleeeze! That woman is many things but not stupid and would never choose such a dumbwitt to be her toy-boy!
    I've read some comments in various blogs stating that the notion of Condy and Dubya hitting the sack is just too scary. Above all it's totally bizarre and the more you think about it the more obnoxious phantasies it spins off. That's why I won't go there and just leave it to your imagination as to what kinky role-playing sex and war games these two would come up with....
    For me, Condy alone is scary enough. That woman gives me the creeps and if you look closely you will see that she is one hell of a mad lady with an evil look. Maybe she started out with a lot of ideals and definitely a lot of chuzpe, but she turned into a mean angry power-obsessed bitch along the way. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. Her official White House photos are of course all friendly - your smiling Secretary of State, a trustworthy WOC bound to save the world - but many snapshots have caught her off guard, showing her true colors - and that's really scary!

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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    Monday, June 19, 2006

    Potsdamer Platz

    Berlin is full of art, everywhere, anytime. While 1000s were watching football on the big screens only 5 minutes away, this wonderful public photography exhibition in front of the Potsdamer Platz S-Bahn station was deserted and very peaceful in a kind of urban way....


    World Cup Grannies in Style

    Today we strolled across the World Cup Fan Mile in Berlin which was big fun. Seeing 1000s of people from different countries peacefully watching football on big screens while enjoying the sun and some beers was a really nice sight. Yellow and green colors dominated the scene as Brazilian and Australian fans had flocked to see their match.

    Fans at the Brandenburger Gate

    For some reason this World Cup has turned people into football enthusiasts who probably never even cared before. Maybe it's the sun and fun atmosphere and the gathering of (abnormally) happy people from around the globe - or maybe just the aspiration for a united world without aggression in these wild times. Or maybe some really clever marketing people here have prepared this so well with all the TV ads and songs and general hype that we've all been manipulated into suddenly getting excited about all these guys running after the ball. When I saw these two women today (in the photo below) I knew this World-Cup-Mania had reached even the most unlikely group of people: when elderly ladies who probably usually play Bridge on Sundays, join the cheering crowds and have painted the German flag on their forehead, you know things aren't the same anymore.

    Notice the artfully painted wave flag - these ladies are fans with style

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