Sunday, July 29, 2007

Air Guitars and Rubber Boots

Ok, Finland probably has the weirdest competitions with wife carrying, pea eating and mobile pone throwing but this month Germany had some fun to offer too: Berlin hosted the German Air Guitar Championships - always a great event! Just today - despite horrid weather - splash divers competed in Hamburg in the Cannonball World Championships (kind of a masochistic event for those who dig sore butts), and again in Berlin folks with nothing else to do also gathered in Berlin for the Rubber Boot Throwing World Championships. Which brings me back to Finland coz a 70 year old Finnish guy won in the Mens Seniors category and a Finnish woman in the Ladies Seniors. Probably beats sitting in an old peoples home watching TV all day...
Maybe the gay community should think up some new exciting competitions... Gay Games and Eurogames are fine, but how about some fun championships like Dildo Throwing World Cup, Gaydar Contest, Outing Marathon etc etc?! Start practicing boys and babez, I'm sure it's soon to come...

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Dear Sharron! Hope you are well :)

Just wanted to inform you that is back and it would be nice to have you there again.

All the best!
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