Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Bitch is Back

After a long blogging break I've returned. Sometimes a gal just needs a break. And a wise person once said: don’t speak, unless you can improve the silence. Not that I live by that, but still a great quote. Berlin, experiencing the warmest November/December since weather reports were invented, is none the less all Christmas-craze. Beautiful lights everywhere, millions of stressed people shopping for presents, every German popstar has released a tacky Xmas album and for some reason most of my friends have invited me for a pre-Xmas party - all on the same day! So I'll be Christmas party hopping and drinking lots of Gluehwein... a hot red wine with various spices that usually gives you a terrible headache the next day. If you want the xtreme Berlin Xmas experience I suggest the following: go shopping at the Potsdamer Platz. After an hour of shoving and pushing in the shops have a break at one of the stands outside at the Christmas market and drink 2 or 3 Gluehweins. Then climb up the artificial snow mountain and race down the hill on a sled or rather the rubber tire they stick you in that spins around all the way down. If you manage that without throwing up you're definitely ready for a Berlin Christmas party with more Gluehwein and singalongs with Wham's "Last Christmas".

The snow hill at the Potsdamer Platz

I wanna go to the Xmas market!

Will you take me when we come back to Berlin? I don't think my other half will be too enthused!
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