Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stonewall Goodbye?

I just read in UK's pink news that the Stonewall Bar in New York is apparantly closing. Maybe unknown to many young gays and dykes this is one of the very few historic places we have and one of the most important ones! Actually it should be landmarked and preserved by the City of New York - or at least sponsered by the rich and famous GLBTs over 40... It might not be a trendy place folks, but if it weren't for this bar and the brave women and men back in 1969 we sure wouldn't live the life many of us are living today.

A photo I took two years ago - I hope it isn't the last.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Sisters are doing it for themselves?

I had mixed feelings when I read this BBC report about Bill Gates - he's called The American philanthropist in this article- stating that women are key to the AIDS policy. I'm sure Billy boy has the best intensions, but saying that "To change the sexual behaviour of men is a question of generations..." and that's why it's up to the women to once again take precautions and change the situation is really depressing. Of course one could say well, he recognizes the intelligence of women and their feeling of responsibilty. And of course it is a noble mission to spend millions on stopping AIDS - whatever way you do it. But if you just give up on changing male sexual behaviour and take the shortcut, making women use some formula/medication, having them take all the responsibilty, not knowing what side effects this might have in the long run (the pill and cancer comes to mind...) etc etc - it's just so typical and actually is an easy way out. Bravo Bill for doing good with all your Microsoft-money, but take a portion of your mucho bucks and start educating men. Oh and take another portion and start educating politicians on humanity - there is another reason why so many poeple in Africa are dying, and AIDS is not cause number 1 by the way. Neglect, ignorance and greed still prevail and that's something women are NOT key to.

photo: www.imcworldwide.org


Sunday, August 13, 2006

The fear of flying revisited

A friend of mine flew in from Dubai to Berlin today. Due to the terror hysteria she was not allowed to take her small suitcase as hand luggage as she usually does, so she had to check it in and with it her laptop battery other important things you need when travelling on business. Of course the luggage got lost - like it has apparently happened to 1000s of suitcases today. Sure we all want to fly safe but if they need to keep it 100 percent secure we would all have to fly naked. After 9/11 Lufthansa made me leave my tiny nail clippers behind... Sure I could clip the capatain's ears and force him to crash the plane! Puleeze... Well, now it's not clippers or forks anymore, but all your valuables... what person on a business trip would be so insane and check in their computer and mobile phone? An estimated 30 million pieces of baggage gets lost every year! And, while reading all about the airport chaos around the world today, I asked myself: what stops people who do mean harm from hiding explosives in their suitcase and then timing it to go off a few hours later? The airports don't even have the resources to scan every piece of baggage.
My friend had a bottle of water with her and actually had to take a sip in front of airport security. I'm sure a terrorist who intends to blow himself up on a plane wouldn't mind drinking whatever he has in that bottle, so what's the point? US and UK airlines of course don't allow you to take any drinks with you, but according to the Transportation Security Administration Website there is an exception: You are allowed to take "Baby formula and breast milk if a baby or small child is traveling;" Thank God for that - the idea of young mummys having to squeeze their breasts until all the breast milk is out is even too absurd for the Bush-Blair-Fear-Alliance. It wouldn't surprise me though if you would have to try the breast milk in front of security too.... after all Mum's milk could be some deadly formula hidden in a silicone boob.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Apple Lebanon Mel Gibson

These are the most popular search words of the day, so I decided to find out if it's true that adding popular words brings thousands of visitors to your blog.
Dear new visitor, I'm sorry but you are part of my experiment, and as you came in search of some information on either of the terms above I might add: I use an Apple Macintosh and have done so ever since the second one was on the market. I feel for all the innocent non-fighting people in the Lebanon who surely do not want war or violence but would really love to live a peaceful life and see their kids grow up happy and without fear. And Mr Mel Gibson already frightened the hell out of me with his horrible Jesus movie - which being a thought through project and probably not something he spat out while drunk is more disturbing. Finally a cool site to find interesting blogs with different views on the Middle East and from the Middle East is this Dubai blog.
If you weren't looking for a Mac but actually for an apple as in fruit check out All About Apples.
And finally, if you were looking up Mel Gibson - well why don't you go outside, get some fresh air, think of something wonderful, plant a tree, donate to a good cause or just hug somebody. That won't be a waste of time! Thank you for being part of my how-many-hits-will-I-get-experiment and have a lovely day...

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cool tool: your blog in color and shape

Just found an interesting site that creates a graphic image of your Website called Websites as Graphs
Try it out and if you put the image online please send me the link - I'm curious to see what other blogs look like. Here is my blog image - looks like the molecular structure of proteins with a touch of 70s art:

The meaning of the colors: blue:links-red:tables-green:DIV tag-purple:images-yellow: forms-orange: linebreaks and blockquotes-black:HTML tag,root node-gray: all other tags


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lesbians and Wannabe Lesbians in the News

Apart from some really sad news on hate crimes, couples having to fight for their marriage rights and bigotery in general, 2 news from Lesbiania caught my eye and made me smile:

"Eva Longoria thinks it would be great to introduce a lesbian storyline into Desperate Housewives.
Eva told Playboy magazine that she thought it would be fun if Nicollette Sheridan and Marcia Cross’s characters had an affair during the third series of the show - or she’d be happy for her character, Gabrielle to have an affair with Nicollette’s Edie instead."

Nice idea,they should all try it out and then in 2007 rename the series to "Desperate Lesbians"... a suburb version of the L-Word should be fun!

And back to the real life: San Diego’s new fire chief Tracy Jarman is openly lesbian. She says that she's not out to be a role model, but sorry sister: this is such a satisfaction for all the dykes who said: "I wanna join the fire brigade" when they were kids and whose moms shook their heads and told them that that was impossible and only for boys (and then called the family shrink to ask what they should do with their difficult daughter!)

Come on baby light our fire!

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