Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup Grannies in Style

Today we strolled across the World Cup Fan Mile in Berlin which was big fun. Seeing 1000s of people from different countries peacefully watching football on big screens while enjoying the sun and some beers was a really nice sight. Yellow and green colors dominated the scene as Brazilian and Australian fans had flocked to see their match.

Fans at the Brandenburger Gate

For some reason this World Cup has turned people into football enthusiasts who probably never even cared before. Maybe it's the sun and fun atmosphere and the gathering of (abnormally) happy people from around the globe - or maybe just the aspiration for a united world without aggression in these wild times. Or maybe some really clever marketing people here have prepared this so well with all the TV ads and songs and general hype that we've all been manipulated into suddenly getting excited about all these guys running after the ball. When I saw these two women today (in the photo below) I knew this World-Cup-Mania had reached even the most unlikely group of people: when elderly ladies who probably usually play Bridge on Sundays, join the cheering crowds and have painted the German flag on their forehead, you know things aren't the same anymore.

Notice the artfully painted wave flag - these ladies are fans with style

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