Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Lesbians and Wannabe Lesbians in the News

Apart from some really sad news on hate crimes, couples having to fight for their marriage rights and bigotery in general, 2 news from Lesbiania caught my eye and made me smile:

"Eva Longoria thinks it would be great to introduce a lesbian storyline into Desperate Housewives.
Eva told Playboy magazine that she thought it would be fun if Nicollette Sheridan and Marcia Cross’s characters had an affair during the third series of the show - or she’d be happy for her character, Gabrielle to have an affair with Nicollette’s Edie instead."

Nice idea,they should all try it out and then in 2007 rename the series to "Desperate Lesbians"... a suburb version of the L-Word should be fun!

And back to the real life: San Diego’s new fire chief Tracy Jarman is openly lesbian. She says that she's not out to be a role model, but sorry sister: this is such a satisfaction for all the dykes who said: "I wanna join the fire brigade" when they were kids and whose moms shook their heads and told them that that was impossible and only for boys (and then called the family shrink to ask what they should do with their difficult daughter!)

Come on baby light our fire!

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Wow, this picture is way cool! :-)
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