Sunday, September 03, 2006

Not so Gay in Ghana

Ghana bans gay and lesbian conference.... While we're watching the L-Word and being our free lesbian selves, millions of GLTBs in many countries still have to hide and are being oppressed to say the least. Homophobia is obviously widespread on the African continent, or as a South African lesbian puts it: "It's kind of the spirit of the times in Africa". I actually know a dyke from an influential family in Ghana, in fact she is a Princess, and it took many many years for her family to accept her lifestyle - but eventually they did, so there's hope that the "spirit of the times" will change one day. I wish the gays and lesbians in those African countries that promote homophobia, a lot of strength, courage and worldwide support - after all the African saying (from Zaire) is so true: Tsa ifotekya loolo - FIRE can soften iron.
For more infos on GLBT Africa check out the Behind the Mask Website.

Photo: Camouflage (©) by South African photographer and gender & sexual rights activist Zanele Muholi.

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