Thursday, March 30, 2006

Faster Pussy(cat) Kill Kill!

I just came across this weird newsbite from last month
Victoria L, 41, in custody in Chillicothe, Ohio, in January for a barroom shooting, apparently smuggled her gun into the jail at the time of her arrest by putting it inside her vagina. A shot was fired in a holding cell, and according to a fellow prisoner interviewed by the Chillicothe Gazette, the gun had gone off when Lundy sat down on a bench in the cell.
Chillicothe Gazette, 2-1-06
Apparantly nobody was hurt... how on earth did she do that? I would have thought she must have harmed herself when the gun went off! If she were to share the secret of pussy-shooting I'm sure she could make a fortune on teaching classes. Don't get me wrong: I am totally against guns, but Women's Self Defense courses could change....

Anyway, this news reminded me of another site I saw the other day: the All About my Vagina blog. It looked weird at first sight but actually is a very informative sight (has some pages about sex injuries, but nothing involving guns!).

A page that looks weird at first, second and third sight is Tampon Crafts
How bored must you be to start making Christmas Angels out of tampons??? Apparantly I'm not up-to-date on the tampon craft hype though, as the page states: You’ll find instructions all over the Web for this classic tampon decoration, but we think ours is the best and easiest. Sure: ALL over the Web!
Check out the Bloody Tampon Heart Earrings ... might be something you want to wear when coming out to your conservative parents or having a business dinner with important clients at the country club.

My last weird Web finding of the day leads us back to the shooting pussy incident and directly to Brian's Page of Antique Weirdness where I found a collection of antique chastity belts. I'm sure there are still some idiot guys out there who wish they could put one of those on the wife while on business travel. But then maybe Victoria's cellmate had a similar thought when that gun went off.

SONG OF THE DAY: Happiness is a Warm Gun - the Beatles


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dalbello has Brains... Let's Blog!

Last night I was at a party and suddenly "Let's Tango" was blazing out of the stereo, which made me quite ecstatic because back in 1987 this song by Dalbello was my favorite and as with all great songs it still had that power and made me scream along with the chorus (making everyone in the room jump out of their skin!)... wondering what became of Dalbello I just did some research and found out: she has a blog here at blogspot!!

And an intelligent one too... if you're into politics and like people who speak their mind you should visit her blog at Voxpopgirl

The funny thing: she links to some of the same sights about the Middle East as my friends at M and J Adventures

Blogworld is so small at times... There is the theory that you only have to know 6 people to actually know the world (Six Degrees of Separation theory by Stanley Milgram). I wonder if the Web and blogs will change that? Anyway this original theory is being tested on the Web and it's a cool project called Small World Project

L World viewers will know the sexual variation of the Six Degrees of Seperation from the The L Word Chart
I've tried this out in Berlin and it actually works... left a woman in shock who thought she had nothing to do with the local scene here, when we proved that she was actually linked to at least 30 women she didn't even know!


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Friday, March 24, 2006

Bird Flu Caused by Gays

Now this would really be hilarious if it wasn't so outrageously dumb and dangerous:

Kabbalah-Rabbi David Basri, who is under Israeli Police investigation due to his frequent hate speeches, says supporting gay marriage is just another example of Israel embracing immoral ideas.

But it gets better: according to his son he believes that the bird flu which has killed two people in Israel is because the country is ‘strengthening and encouraging homosexuality’.

He explains it of course: "The Bible says that God punishes depravity first through plagues against animals and then in people."

Well the Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic in the UK in 2001 is no surpise then ...looking back: in 2001 the first gay couple in Britain registered their partnership in a civil ceremony organised by London mayor Ken Livingstone. Ahaaaa!!

Back to the bird flu: if it is directly linked to being gay it's a miracle that the gay penguins in the Berlin Zoo (yes, scientifically proven homosexuals and they have become quite famous) are still alive... Zoo vet Dr. Andreas Koch states by the way that gay couples are not rare in the bird world.... Well at least they prove the raging Rabbi wrong who so gracefully enlightens us about homosexuality: "...this is not a disease or a deviation, but a straight-out abomination. Even animals don't behave this way... There is no place in the Holy City for such a phenomenon.”

Now if I were a vengeful woman I would strike back and say: well look what Kabbalah has done to Madonna:

But of course I would never do that... I like Madonna and respect other people's religion... as long as it doesn't do us any harm.... which unfortunately happens far too often.

SONG OF THE DAY: Nelly Furtado - I'm Like A Bird

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some color in Berlin's long long winter

If you've come to this page because you've found it in Google under Berlin and you're looking for infos, because you plan on coming here this warned: everyone is in such a bad mood it's dangerous. Or if they're not in a bad mood they are at least depressed... it's mid March and it's still freakin' cold, we're freezing, the snow has turned gray and slushy and the wind is obviously whilring into the city coming directly from Siberia. Oh we're so fed up with it and are longing for Spring. We want to sit outside in cafés and stroll in the Tiergarten or at least just sit on a bench and make nasty comments about people who pass by... (a favourite Berlin passtime!)
Visitors should try to avoid the attempt to make friends while it's still cold. Don't expect to be served in a friendly manner in restaurants and don't ask for directions or similar info..especially not in English: the Berlin brain has turned to ice, there's no cells left to try to explain anything in a foreign language. Postpone your visit, come next month, or better yet in May. May is beautiful in Berlin and strangers will smile and love to chat with you.
If you have to come now just spend your time in all the museums we have can spend years in all the galleries, museums etc in this town.
For some color go to the Ephraim-Palais: they are exhibiting Erna Schmidt-Carroll who made the most wonderful illustrations back in the 20s. She was a fashion designer and her pencils captured the various characters of Berlin's roaring 20s in the most enticing and colorful way. She was last exhibited in 1938, so this is a rare chance to see her work. After the Nazis took over she had to turn to unglossed art and just painted mountains and other landscapes.

At night go to a club, even if you don't like dancing to the electro-pop beats that dominate these days: you'll finally get warm after freezing all day! And finally at about 2 in the morning (after mucho drinks and who knows what else) everyone is back to being happy and friendly and you'll get that smile you deserve as a brave visitor of this vibrant city!
Fear not stranger: we are your friend!

SONG OF THE DAY: Baby it's cold outside, Johnny Mercer & Margaret Whiting


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sleeping Blogs & Strange Blogs

Creating a new blog when you are up to your ears in work for weeks is a dumb idea I guess... that's why this blog has been sleeping... left untouched in the nirvana of the world wide web... I'm sure there are thousands of weblogs out there left alone, waiting to be fed. Just imagine the thousands of people who just wanted to try it out and then never write... then there are those who write coz they are lonely, then one fine day they meet the love of their life and suddenly they abandon their blog, because romance, sex or even sitting in front of the TV with your lover seems so much more fun that typing into the anonymity of the Internet. Not to mention bloggers who depart this world. What happens to their blogs? Who decides when to take it from the Web? Or will their blogs stay here forever? How infinite is the Internet?

Ok, enough philosophy... I'm alive and kicking and will tend to my new blog from now on. I feel like I'm making up for the diary I started when I was young and then soon trashed it after finding out that my mother was reading it... blogging is like the fractious reaction to that childhood experience, because now everyone on the world can read my babble and I don't care. And I know I'm not alone with that attitude - I have read the most embarrassing things in blogs of total strangers. Talking about strange, there are some really strange blogs out there too. No surprise in a world full of strange people I guess. And in case I'm starting to bore you (how did you get here anyway?) ... here's some strangeness for you (just a random pick from the strange blogs I came across)
MyCatHatesYou - "the largest collection of sour-faced, indignant felines on the Internet"
THE Coffee Blog - this actually is a blog ALL about coffee..and some
London Pigeon blog - really funny, probably the only blog written by a pigeon (called Brian by the way)

My own strange sight of the day: this dog behind the steering wheel ready to pull out of the parking lot at Berlin Tegel Airport: