Sunday, June 10, 2007

gay and lesbian music

I've been blog lazy - due to work and the great weather in Berlin - so much has been going on in our city and Ill be sure to write again in the next weeks: gay/lez street fetival is coming up as well as gay pride.
but today just a link for you: as a musician I really appreciate the Queer Music Heritage website. This guy has put a lot of work and probably years of research into this site! Preserving gay and lesbian history just becoz it has to be done and out of passion and personal beliefs has become rare in these fast paced kudos to JD Doyle, and to say it in slightly modified ABBA words: thank you for the queer music JD!!
Be sure to check out this mp3: Here come the leaping Lesbians! Today it might seem hilarious, but back then in 77 any lez song was a revolution. I heard the Lesbian Concentrate LP for the first time in the early 80s - and although I was ecstatic about an all lesbian record, I was a bit confused about the song title Leaping Lesbians... frogs leap, bunnies leap. and as a young dyke I did a lot of unusual things...but leap? So, funny then and funnier now - and at least another L-word alliteration for the record.

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welcome back !!
great hint
thx viz! JD, the author of queer music heritage, sent me a very nice mail after this post and wrote that the site is "a labor of love." I'll be posting more gay/lez notable links in the future, I have quite a collection, so stay tuned!
warm wishes
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