Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Apple Lebanon Mel Gibson

These are the most popular search words of the day, so I decided to find out if it's true that adding popular words brings thousands of visitors to your blog.
Dear new visitor, I'm sorry but you are part of my experiment, and as you came in search of some information on either of the terms above I might add: I use an Apple Macintosh and have done so ever since the second one was on the market. I feel for all the innocent non-fighting people in the Lebanon who surely do not want war or violence but would really love to live a peaceful life and see their kids grow up happy and without fear. And Mr Mel Gibson already frightened the hell out of me with his horrible Jesus movie - which being a thought through project and probably not something he spat out while drunk is more disturbing. Finally a cool site to find interesting blogs with different views on the Middle East and from the Middle East is this Dubai blog.
If you weren't looking for a Mac but actually for an apple as in fruit check out All About Apples.
And finally, if you were looking up Mel Gibson - well why don't you go outside, get some fresh air, think of something wonderful, plant a tree, donate to a good cause or just hug somebody. That won't be a waste of time! Thank you for being part of my how-many-hits-will-I-get-experiment and have a lovely day...

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I always wanted to be a lab rat! :-)
well your fairy blogmother has made your wish come true:)

You should copyright and trademark the term, and then google it to sue the pants of anyone who uses it without permission!
I feel so used...a Google guinea pig :-) Nice page!
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