Monday, August 14, 2006

Sisters are doing it for themselves?

I had mixed feelings when I read this BBC report about Bill Gates - he's called The American philanthropist in this article- stating that women are key to the AIDS policy. I'm sure Billy boy has the best intensions, but saying that "To change the sexual behaviour of men is a question of generations..." and that's why it's up to the women to once again take precautions and change the situation is really depressing. Of course one could say well, he recognizes the intelligence of women and their feeling of responsibilty. And of course it is a noble mission to spend millions on stopping AIDS - whatever way you do it. But if you just give up on changing male sexual behaviour and take the shortcut, making women use some formula/medication, having them take all the responsibilty, not knowing what side effects this might have in the long run (the pill and cancer comes to mind...) etc etc - it's just so typical and actually is an easy way out. Bravo Bill for doing good with all your Microsoft-money, but take a portion of your mucho bucks and start educating men. Oh and take another portion and start educating politicians on humanity - there is another reason why so many poeple in Africa are dying, and AIDS is not cause number 1 by the way. Neglect, ignorance and greed still prevail and that's something women are NOT key to.



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