Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oranges aren't the Only Fruit

Today in the supermarket I saw a woman at the fruit shelves picking up oranges one by one and softly squeezing them before placing them into her basket. She did this very slowly and obviously enjoyed the feeling! Watching her fruity pleasure reminded me of an Israeli TV ad from 1998 by Citrusfruit company Tapuz. It was quite challenging at the time - not only because of the apparant though subtle lesbian erotica but also because it confronts the orthodox morals. A modern Israeli woman dares to drive into a religious neighbourhood with a sleeveless shirt and pants, flirting with an orthodox woman while peeling an orange - in her mind obviously not only undressing the fruit.
One of my fav books is Oranges aren't the Only Fruit, but watching this ad you'll see oranges can be a very sexy fruit!

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I can't get the video to work.

It downloads, I hit play, it seems to play because the indicator moves, but no image.
sorry to hear that, it works fine from others, so it might be a local connection thing. for all who have the same problem, heres the direct link:¤t=peelanorange.flv
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