Thursday, June 01, 2006


Somehow I missed this news a few weeks ago: Germany's Fashion Queen Jil Sander

had a female stalker who threatened her and her girlfriend Dickie (what a name for your lesbian lover ay?!?!) and even threatened to murder the couple.
She had never met Jil but still fell in love as she says... More falling than loving I would say.

The stalker-dyke will probably get let off with 6 months probation. and I'm wondering does a sentence like that stop someone who is that disturbed?
I used to believe that stalking was a hetero-thing but then Sharon Gless had a lesbian stalker and even Pamela Anderson - which must be the climax of lesbian stalking disturbance.

Even lesbians I know have had some bad experiences with stalkers and it seems to be a frightening and increasing trend.
Or was this always there and it was just a taboo you didn't talk about? In any case these are the times I'm happy not to be a hollywood celebrity (well there's more reasons for that!) or at least don't seem to have that certain something that makes someone become abnormally obsessed with me...


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