Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dalbello has Brains... Let's Blog!

Last night I was at a party and suddenly "Let's Tango" was blazing out of the stereo, which made me quite ecstatic because back in 1987 this song by Dalbello was my favorite and as with all great songs it still had that power and made me scream along with the chorus (making everyone in the room jump out of their skin!)... wondering what became of Dalbello I just did some research and found out: she has a blog here at blogspot!!

And an intelligent one too... if you're into politics and like people who speak their mind you should visit her blog at Voxpopgirl

The funny thing: she links to some of the same sights about the Middle East as my friends at M and J Adventures

Blogworld is so small at times... There is the theory that you only have to know 6 people to actually know the world (Six Degrees of Separation theory by Stanley Milgram). I wonder if the Web and blogs will change that? Anyway this original theory is being tested on the Web and it's a cool project called Small World Project

L World viewers will know the sexual variation of the Six Degrees of Seperation from the The L Word Chart
I've tried this out in Berlin and it actually works... left a woman in shock who thought she had nothing to do with the local scene here, when we proved that she was actually linked to at least 30 women she didn't even know!


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