Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some color in Berlin's long long winter

If you've come to this page because you've found it in Google under Berlin and you're looking for infos, because you plan on coming here this week..be warned: everyone is in such a bad mood it's dangerous. Or if they're not in a bad mood they are at least depressed... it's mid March and it's still freakin' cold, we're freezing, the snow has turned gray and slushy and the wind is obviously whilring into the city coming directly from Siberia. Oh we're so fed up with it and are longing for Spring. We want to sit outside in caf├ęs and stroll in the Tiergarten or at least just sit on a bench and make nasty comments about people who pass by... (a favourite Berlin passtime!)
Visitors should try to avoid the attempt to make friends while it's still cold. Don't expect to be served in a friendly manner in restaurants and don't ask for directions or similar info..especially not in English: the Berlin brain has turned to ice, there's no cells left to try to explain anything in a foreign language. Postpone your visit, come next month, or better yet in May. May is beautiful in Berlin and strangers will smile and love to chat with you.
If you have to come now just spend your time in all the museums we have here...you can spend years in all the galleries, museums etc in this town.
For some color go to the Ephraim-Palais: they are exhibiting Erna Schmidt-Carroll who made the most wonderful illustrations back in the 20s. She was a fashion designer and her pencils captured the various characters of Berlin's roaring 20s in the most enticing and colorful way. She was last exhibited in 1938, so this is a rare chance to see her work. After the Nazis took over she had to turn to unglossed art and just painted mountains and other landscapes.

At night go to a club, even if you don't like dancing to the electro-pop beats that dominate these days: you'll finally get warm after freezing all day! And finally at about 2 in the morning (after mucho drinks and who knows what else) everyone is back to being happy and friendly and you'll get that smile you deserve as a brave visitor of this vibrant city!
Fear not stranger: we are your friend!

SONG OF THE DAY: Baby it's cold outside, Johnny Mercer & Margaret Whiting



I miss berlin like crazy.

Lived there over the summer.

I wish more people had NOT wanted to speak to me in English, perhaps I would have assimilated more German...
You mean that it might be warm by the time we get there next month?

to nzm: no worries, warm weather is on it's way, already the sun breaks through and of course the berliner's mood is improving dramatically:)
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