Friday, May 19, 2006

Eurovision - Tacky, Camp and sooo Gay

If you're visiting Berlin this weekend be sure not to miss the Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest!
It will be shown on big screens in every other gay and lesbian bar in town. For a large part of the gay crowd the ESC is the sub-cultural highlight of the year. Forget the World Cup - Eurovision singers' outrageously horrid fashion and tacky dance performances beat 22 hairy legs by far!
Many of the wannabe-Ricky-Martin male singers do not succeed in hiding the obvious: I'm gay!
Dykes have come to be a rare sight at the annual contest as some countries nowadays tend to enter singers who look like anorexic barbie dolls (hoping to get some votes for the sexy factor, if the song is plain boring or bad).
At least we had 2004 winner Ruslana who could have won a Xena lookalike contest. And then there was Sestre (sisters), an entry from Slovenia. Three drag queens dressed up as trolley dolleys was a perfect scandal and a lot of fun!

Israel has won this contest 3 times and as an Israeli fan once told me: the first winner was a gay guy, winner number two was the band Milk and Honey that featured a lesbian singer and then 1998 saw transsexual Dana International win with her disco-anthem DIVA. Don't even start to ask why on earth Israel is in a European contest...the ESC's history is long and complex!

Visit rainbownetwork to find out what really makes the Eurovision Song Contest such a gay event.

Just for the record, my favourites this year are Turkey's Sibil Tüzün with Süperstar - the next European gay anthem if you ask me - and Germany's Texas Lightning, who actually have the crazy guts to sing a country song and wear country-band outfits. They also stand out for me because singer Jane Comerford is probably a good 40 plus (and then plus) - a great antipole to the mainly 20ish girlies that will be performing on Saturday.

Song of the Day: Boom bang-a-bang, LULU - 1969 Eurovision winner


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eak, superstar. No, I still don't get it. But yay for Texas Lightning.
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