Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sleeping Blogs & Strange Blogs

Creating a new blog when you are up to your ears in work for weeks is a dumb idea I guess... that's why this blog has been sleeping... left untouched in the nirvana of the world wide web... I'm sure there are thousands of weblogs out there left alone, waiting to be fed. Just imagine the thousands of people who just wanted to try it out and then never write... then there are those who write coz they are lonely, then one fine day they meet the love of their life and suddenly they abandon their blog, because romance, sex or even sitting in front of the TV with your lover seems so much more fun that typing into the anonymity of the Internet. Not to mention bloggers who depart this world. What happens to their blogs? Who decides when to take it from the Web? Or will their blogs stay here forever? How infinite is the Internet?

Ok, enough philosophy... I'm alive and kicking and will tend to my new blog from now on. I feel like I'm making up for the diary I started when I was young and then soon trashed it after finding out that my mother was reading it... blogging is like the fractious reaction to that childhood experience, because now everyone on the world can read my babble and I don't care. And I know I'm not alone with that attitude - I have read the most embarrassing things in blogs of total strangers. Talking about strange, there are some really strange blogs out there too. No surprise in a world full of strange people I guess. And in case I'm starting to bore you (how did you get here anyway?) ... here's some strangeness for you (just a random pick from the strange blogs I came across)
MyCatHatesYou - "the largest collection of sour-faced, indignant felines on the Internet"
THE Coffee Blog - this actually is a blog ALL about coffee..and some
London Pigeon blog - really funny, probably the only blog written by a pigeon (called Brian by the way)

My own strange sight of the day: this dog behind the steering wheel ready to pull out of the parking lot at Berlin Tegel Airport:


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