Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Landing in Lesbian Town

I remember my amazement and delight when I was in New York 2 years ago and saw the giant L-Word billboards towering above Manhattan. Some 2 years later the series has finally come to German TV (way too late: of course almost every dyke has seen it on DVD in the meantime).
The funny thing is: the first billboard you see when landing in Berlin at Tegel Airport is the TV-ad for the L-Word. And due to the World Cup we have a lot of visitors landing every day!! As you can see in my photos below German TV picked the almost naked version of the cast picture while in New York they still had clothes on - but it was winter in NY and it's summer now in Berlin, so that explains it ... or it could be our more liberal approach to nakedness- who knows... naked AND lesbian might have been too much at the time - even in Manhattan.

The L Word billboard at Berlin's Airport

The L Word billboard in Manhattan

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