Friday, February 02, 2007

Beware of the Lesbian Callgirl Clones

Recently a friend visiting from London asked me if there were a lesbian escort service in Berlin. I remembered that many years ago the fabulous Dr. Laura Merrit (Germany's answer to Susie Bright!) founded "Club Rosa" (Club Pink), the first callgirl service by and for lesbians, however I had no idea if they were still around. Out of curiosity and as I always love to help a girl in need I set off for Google-Land to find the answer. First the good news for all you lonesome business women coming to town needing some sensual distraction after a hard day's work: Laura's escort service is still available. It took me a while to find it though - try typing "lesbian escort service berlin" in Google and you will see what I mean, over 200,000 sex and escort sites that surely don't offer what my friend was looking for. Narrowing my search down to German websites only reduced the results to some 20,000 and fortunately the right link was on page one. However, I knew what I was looking for ... I can sense the frustration of a randy lesbian surfing for salvation and ending up on escort sites like this one I found: it's called Berlin XP and offers men, women, gay boys and apparently lesbians. Clicking on the "Our Lesbians" button reveals 24 alleged lez escorts from around the world - but beware: if you look closely you will notice that they kind of look alike... in lack of dykes wanting to work as callgirls they have obviously created clones of a busty blonde lingerie model and given them different names and nationalities:

My advice ladies: even if you love femmes and you're desperate: don't fall for the clones - my untarnished gaydar tells me they know zilch about the joys of true all-girl-action! You can get the real thing by contacting Laura, just send her a mail. You could of course just go to a club or party and chat up the attractive girl next to you at the bar, might be the beginning of a passionate long-distance relationship - it has happened before!

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ya. i know it. there are some people pretend to be lesbian to make relationship with other lesbian to fake them. i already meet a girl like that. i hope people will avoid this lesbian girl
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